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English Philology graduated from the University of Murcia, Spain.

Teacher Training qualified at the University of Granada, Spain.

Childhood Education qualified at the Correspondence Learning University at Cartagena (UNED), Spain.

Business English qualified at the English Philology Department at the University of Murcia, Spain.


In the first seven years of her career she was part of the teachers´ team giving summer courses to Spanish students who studied English at the Marian School, Murcia. These courses were run by the Marian Brother Miguel Mandacen, and took place in Monkstown School, in Dublin, Ireland. In these courses she worked as a group Leader of Spanish students and as a Spanish teacher for Irish students.

Encarna has worked as an English teacher both in Primary and Secondary Education in various schools of the Region of Murcia, Spain, such as La Merced, a Marian school, and San José, in La Alberca.

She worked as an English teacher for business people at Hostemur and Forcem. Employees of different businesses from the Region of Murcia attended these English courses. Among them, there were cannery workers, merchants, hotel accountants, clerks, and craft workers.

Encarna has also worked for the INEM, teaching English to unemployed people. She taught a course of Business English at the Antonio de Nebrija School, in Murcia.

The previous year in order to pass her official exam to be an English teacher civil servant she worked at a school called Narval Primary and Secondary school in Santa Ana, Cartagena. She taught the third grade of Primary Education.

In that same year Encarna taught a teacher training course named “The Vivacity of Tales” in Murcia. The main aim of this course was to encourage creativity in teachers by means of reading, writing and telling stories.

She is currently working as an English teacher civil servant in Infant Education and Primary Education.

Her first placement as an English teacher civil servant was Infante Don Juan Manuel, a bilingual school, in Murcia. She worked as an English teacher of English Language and Science in the first cycle of Primary Education.

Later, she was moved permanently to her current position in Caravaca de la Cruz, Murcia, where she has been working for seven years as an English teacher in Infant and Primary Education at La Santa Cruz, a bilingual school. She was one of the first English teachers to be trained at Sussex University, Brighton, and by the Consejeria de Educación in Murcia, Spain, under a bilingual teaching programme (CLIL- Content and Language Integrated Learning).

Encarna has taken part in several educational projects developed at La Santa Cruz such as the Comenious Project through which she has had the chance to learn about different teaching methods and cultural backgrounds of other European countries such as Norway and Northern Ireland.

From 2008 until now, after having gained wide teaching and cultural experience, she started to write language and content integrated story collections in English for bilingual and monolingual schools.

As well as this collection of stories, including activities, Encarna has written other collections which are registered in the Registro de la Propiedad Intelectual in Murcia, Spain. These collections include tales, songs, activities and rhymes for children.

Other collections are:

“Submarine collection”, “Autogyro Collection”, Elisa´s Birthday Party Collection”, “Pranks” ,“Four Brains under the Sun”, “Rhythmic English ”.




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